125cm Furry Melina Sex Mini Doll


Unit price USD468 with shipping cost by sea or Railway

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100% TPE with Skeleton

Height(No Head)




Upper Breast




Lower Breast








Vaginal depth


Anal depth


Oral depth




Net Weight




Gross Weight


Carton size


Applications:Popular used in Medical/Model/Sex Education/Adult Store

When it comes to taking a break and having some personal time, everyone has their own preferences. Some people enjoy reading a book, going for a walk, or indulging in their favorite hobby. However, for those who are looking for a unique and discreet way to unwind, a mini-size adult doll may be the perfect companion.

Mini-size adult dolls, also known as silicone sex dolls or man sex dolls, are gaining popularity among individuals who seek a safe and satisfying alternative to traditional relationships. These dolls are meticulously crafted with high-quality silicone, making them incredibly lifelike and realistic. They offer an exceptional sensory experience, ensuring the utmost pleasure during your intimate moments of relaxation.

One of the significant advantages of mini-size adult dolls is their convenience. Their compact size allows them to be easily stored and kept hidden, providing complete privacy and discretion. After a long day of hard work, imagine being able to retreat to your own personal sanctuary and spend quality time with a companion who is always ready to fulfill your desires. These dolls can offer you the intimacy and connection you may be craving without the complexities and demands of a traditional relationship.

Moreover, mini-size adult dolls are highly customizable to meet your specific preferences, making your experience truly unique. From the hair color and style to the eye color and body type, you have the freedom to design your ideal companion. This personalization allows you to create a bond with your doll that goes beyond physicality, providing you with a sense of companionship and comfort when you need it most.

It is essential to remember that mini-size adult dolls are not just objects of desire, but also tools for self-exploration and personal growth. Engaging with a doll can help you understand your needs, desires, and boundaries, allowing you to become more in tune with your own sexuality and emotions. With time and practice, you can develop a deeper connection with yourself and discover new levels of pleasure and fulfillment.

While it is perfectly normal to seek ways to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work, it’s important to remember that everyone has different needs and desires. Mini-size adult dolls offer a unique and discreet outlet for those seeking a pleasurable form of relaxation. They provide a safe and intimate experience that can promote self-discovery and personal growth. So, if you’re looking for a break from the pressures of daily life, consider exploring the world of mini-size adult dolls. Embrace your desires, indulge in your fantasies, and give yourself the opportunity to experience pleasure on your own terms. Remember, self-care and self-exploration are essential for a balanced and fulfilled life. So why not take a break, have some fun, and discover the joys that a mini-size adult doll can bring?  

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