In the traditional impression of society: men have a strong desire to conquer women. Men are more active than women in their partnership. They usually have less emotional needs. They will be obsessed with beautiful women one after another and dream of having sex with them. But are men really like this?

In Bowie Tsang‘s interview, we saw these men. They left women and chose adult sex dolls because they were emotionally injured.

They would rather have a adult doll that is perfect but immobile, they would rather spend a lot of money to upgrade their sex adult doll, they would rather live in their own fantasy plot, they would not be close to women anymore.

More often, we will see a man’s physical advantage. He may have a bad temper which may cause harm to the woman’s body, but we forget that they are not treated tenderly. They are also afraid of women’s attacks.

Through “Before Tomorrow”, we know that sex adult dolls can be upgraded and can be set to your favorite persona, but holding a sex doll that you can set up your own personality can really satisfy human emotional emptiness?

A man: “My marriage lasted for 15 years, and finally it fell apart. I was very depressed during that time. I just didn’t want to talk about relationships with real women. These dolls made me very relaxed and let me have no pressure on both sexes. I don’t look for anything anymore.

People might think this kind of thing is weird, and I understand it. But they really don’t know what it’s like to use these adult sex dolls. With the sex dolls, you will get what you want. This will make you very interested.

I don’t have any fantasies about adult sex dolls. When I want to be with sex dolls, I just put that chair in the corner, sit on the chair and drink beer, look at them, and then I know which one attracts me the most.

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New sex adult doll-AI Head Lover? The? AI head – which blinks, moves? its? eyes, and moves its mouth when it talks – allows? the doll to? converse using natural language processing; a combination of AI and linguistics that “learns” to? converse? better by evaluating past conversations.? the robot’s personalities are programmable, and the AI causes a relationship with them to grow in a way similar to the increasing bond of human relationships. For instance, the robot will remember how many siblings you have, what movies you like, or that you don’t like it when they call you a certain nickname.?Suddenly you’re talking to a robot – not a device, not a computer screen, or a cylinder that’s sitting on your desk. You’re talking to something that looks like a human being, and that’s where the magic happens.

A smart adult sex doll that can talk and do some simple body movements. This is the direction our team is researching. I believe she (he) will be able to meet you in the near future!